Global Publications (hereafter GP) is a non-profit organized research unit of Binghamton University, the State University of New York. GP publishes scholarly texts, organizes international conferences, and develops websites for various academic institutions, including three research units of Binghamton University: The Institute of Global Cultural Studies (IGCS), the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CEMERS), and the Asian and Asian-American Studies Program (AAASP). In addition, GP coordinates the publication of printed and online texts, distributes scholarly texts and journals, and organizes conferences in the United States and around the globe for a number of international learned societies and academic institutions. These include the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy, the Society for the Study of Islamic Philosophy and Science, the International Society for Neoplatonic Studies, the Jewish Law Association, the Association of Chinese Philosophers in America, the Islamic Translation Series, the Consortium for Bilingual Chinese Classics, the Center for Africana Studies of Central State University in Ohio, and the African Language Teachers Association. GP has become recognized as a major publisher of scholarly texts and studies in a range of intellectual, religious, and/or cultural traditions, notably Islamic Studies, Judaica, and Africana. Currently, GP is engaged in a rapid expansion of its activity with regard to Chinese and other East Asia civilizations, with an emphasis on classic texts. GP continues to publish in the area of ancient Greek and medieval European philosophy and social thought.
The primary aim of GP is to contribute to the global understanding of different cultural traditions. To this end GP organizes and sponsors conferences around the globe and publishes works that otherwise would not be widely available, such as English translations of Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Ancient Greek, Persian, Latin, Italian, Hebrew, Hispanic, and Sanskrit classics. Over the last two decades GP has organized conferences in the United States that provide an unparalleled space for engagement with diverse intellectual traditions and their key texts and expressions, always with a particular emphasis on ancient and medieval philosophy. More recently, GP has joined with universities and research centers overseas to organize conferences in Turkey and China; current plans call for further conferences in Asia (China, Thailand, Cambodia, and Korea) and in the Middle East (Egypt, Turkey, and Jordan).
While GP offers an open forum for organized research, it does so without supporting any specific political, religious or methodological perspective.

The content of each publication and of each lecture given at conferences sponsored by GP expresses the view(s) of (the) individual scholar(s), not necessarily the view of a member of the editorial board or the academic institution affiliated with the speaker in question.
Manuscripts and abstracts submitted to Global Publications undergo a blind review for which the editorial board of each series or the organizer of each conference is responsible. Academic institutions and individual scholars are invited to join our conferences and to submit texts for publication. Manuscripts and abstracts submitted to GP are evaluated for their scholarly content, irrespective of the political or religious beliefs, national origin, race or gender of the author(s).

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Parviz Morewedge, Director
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Faculty Advisors at Binghamton University):
Ali A. Mazrui, Charles Burroughs, John Chaffee, Leon Goldstein, Anthony Preus, Sandro Sticca, Daryl Thomas

External Faculty Advisors (Partial List)
Jacob Neusner (Judaic Studies), Mahmoud Ayoub, Daniel C.
Peterson and Michael E. Marmura (Islamic Studies), John P. Anton and Thomas Robinson (Greek Philosophy), Horst Seidel and Bruce Chilton (Christian Patristic and Medieval Studies), Alamin Mazrui (Africana Studies), Yong Huang (Chinese Studies), Hyun Höchsmann and Peimin Ni (Comparative Asian and Western Philosophy)

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